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Yoga is not just for grown ups

Donna Kessler
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updated, July 17, 2020

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Times are really difficult for us all. Many of us are out of work, can’t get through to unemployment, worried about catching the virus and being shut in with nowhere to go can really raise the stress level and anxiety. Well grown ups aren’t the only ones who are feeling the COVID-19 stress and anxiety. Children are feeling it, too. No birthday parties, no school, they can’t see their friends and some just don’t understand what is going on and for those that do, it’s frightening. Well, there is one way to help us cope with all this and that’s Yoga. and believe it or not, Yoga can also help children.

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Reopening A Multi-Location Business

Reopening A Multi-Location Business: How Companies Cope With Varying Guidelines

By Anne Field
06/22/20 AT 5:10 PM

doreen foxwell

Opening up is hard to do. But for small businesses with offices or facilities in multiple municipalities or states, it's especially difficult. With different locations on different comeback schedules, companies must contend with a confusing array of considerations affecting their operations, employees, suppliers, and customers. "It's a really messy situation," says Nader Mikhail, CEO of Elementum, a San Mateo, Cal.-based supply chain management firm.

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The Best Indoor Activities

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Stuck inside with your kids? Desperate for indoor activities and games for your kids to keep them active?

You’re in the right place. This is a list of tonnes of creative active indoor activities that will help your kids burn off all of that energy, help them feel better, and de-stress.


Doreen Foxwell from The Children’s School of Yoga says that “yoga has so many wonderful ways that it can help a child to stay fit and well indoors or out.

Each child benefits in a different way based on their own individual needs..For ie: A child with ADD or ADHD benefits by learning how to self regulate their behaviors and actions through yoga breaths and meditations.

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